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The national programme’s main objective is the strengthening of democratic statehood, political participation and social justice as features of the Zambian society. This objective is subdivided into two project aims, namely the further development of democratic standards by all relevant socio-political actors and the implementation of relevant reforms aiming at just economic and social policies in Zambia.

These aims are to be achieved through different projects with various stakeholders.

Right of Access to Information

One of the programme areas is the media sector which is to be supported in the implementation of the Right of Access to Information. Especially with regards to an effective observation of the governments' work and the ongoing democratic process, the freedom and diversity of the media is very important. One helpful indicator is the African Media Barometer, which is an in-depth and comprehensive description system for national media environments on the African continent. It is generated on a regular basis by an expert panel which discusses the media situation in their own country. The African Media Barometer was jointly developed by fesmedia and MISA.

Collaboration with Civil Society Organizations

The second programme area is the collaboration with Civil Society Organizations. This sector also partially incorporates all other areas since civil society organizations are also part of trade unions or the media sector. The civil society should for example be part of dialogues with the government, unions and employers in order to develop new concepts and ideas concerning the labour market, social policies or the freedom of the media. Civil society organizations are often particularly interested in Gender Equality which is an overall focus of the work of FES.

Trade unions

The third programme area is the work with Trade Unions. Especially with regard to the second aim, trade unions play an important role. Trade unions can have a positive effect on the Zambian parliament in order to invent a progressive labour law. Further, they can elaborate own proposals for social security and democratic participation. FES collaborates with all major trade unions in Zambia and further partners with the big international associations of trade unions like ITUC Africa or UNI Global Union. Therefore, trade unions also need to participate in regional initiatives in order to implement international framework agreements, create networks in multinational companies and promote social standards. One focus in FES's work with trade unions is the strengthening of the position of the youth and women within the respective unions.

Youth Leadership Development Programme (YLDP)

Fourthly, the collaboration with young leaders should be intensified. Therefore, the Youth Leadership Development Programme (YLDP) is designed. Please have a look at the YLDP in order to get more information.

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