Thursday, 01.11.18 - Lusaka

ZCTU Consultative Workshop on the Amendment of the National Constitution

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) was formed in 1966 under the Trade Union and Trade Dispute Ordinance. From the time of formation, ZCTU has remained the strongest trade union federation.

Photo: FES Zambia

Zambia amended the national constitution in 2016. The key features of the new constitution include the provision for a presidential running-mate, provision for dual citizenship, a provision to maintain retirees on the payroll until their full benefits are paid, removal of the position of deputy ministers, and a requirement for a minimum qualification of grade 12 certificate for parliamentary candidate, among other provisions. The amended constitution, however, did not come without its own. weaknesses. It is the observed weaknesses that have prompted a review of the constitution. The labour movement being one of the key stakeholders on all national matters including the constitution making process, it is a matter of necessity to engage and consult labour leaders on the review process and content of the national constitution.  

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