• Thursday, 27.08.20 to Thursday, 26.11.20 - Lusaka, Zambia | Event, News

    Social Protection and COVID-19 Web Public Discussion

    Rights based social protection systems are crucial to safeguarding the vulnerable and the poor in shock and crisis situations. In many countries in...

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  • Tuesday, 28.07.20 to Wednesday, 29.07.20 - Chisamba, Zambia | Event, News


    Zambia’s economic growth has slumped from the consistent growth averaging above 6 percent between 2006 and 2016 to below 4 percent between 2017 and...

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  • | Event, Publication, News

    Developing gender-sensitive social protection in Africa: Insights from South Africa’s Child Support Grant

    In this technical brief, South Africa’ Child Support Grant (CSG) programme is used as a case study to illustrate the argument. Despite adopting a...

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Zambia Office 

5583 Great East Road
P.O. Box 30554

+260 211 295615/6
+260 211 293557


Dear friends of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation,

Unfortunately, the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic has  severe impacts on our lives. Therefore, after careful consideration to protect our employees and our guests, it was decided that only rare face-to-face meetings will take place in exceptional circumstances and only when preventive measures against Covid 19 are strictly implemented. With this procedure we follow the assessments of relevant institutions and ask for your understanding.

For reasons of health protection, the majority of our employees will work from home with immediate effect and are reachable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Country Programme Zambia

Country Programme Zambia

The national programme's main objective is the strengthening of democratic statehood, political participation and social justice as features of the Zambian society.

SADC Programme Social Compact and Social Justice

SADC Programme Social Compact and Social Justice

The Regional Programme aims to enhance social systems in the SADC Region through the promotion of minimum standards of social security under consideration of gender and the informal character of most labor conditions.

Rights Based Social Protection in Africa

Rights Based Social Protection in Africa

With the Africa wide programme stakeholders are supported to put social security on a legal basis. Social security has a significant development importance, promotes social justice and is a prerequisite for democratic participation and poverty reduction.

Youth Leadership Development Programme

Youth Leadership Development Programme

The Youth Leadership Development Programme (YLDP) is designed to enhance leadership capacities of emerging youth leaders by equipping them with a unique set of skills required to better achieve their aspirations and fulfil their desired role in society.

  • Photo by PSC-PS Mozambique
Thursday, 12.09.19 - Lusaka, Zambia | News, Event


The LUSAKA SOCIAL PROTECTION COLLOQUIUM is a joint initiative of FES (www.fes-zambia.org) and SASPEN (www.saspen.org) to bring internationally...

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Wednesday, 25.09.19 to Thursday, 26.09.19 - Lome, Togo | Event

Workshop: Promoting informal workers’ member-based organizations participation in the development of social security systems for all workers.

In 2018, FES Zambia under the RBSP in Africa Project, in cooperation with Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) worked with...

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Monday, 16.09.19 to Tuesday, 17.09.19 - Nairobi, Kenya | Event

Workshop: Promoting rights based social protection in Kenya.

FES Zambia and the Africa Platform for Social Protection are currently collaborating to promote the social protection rights in Africa, through the...

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  • Photo: FES Zambia

African media barometer

the first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa : Zambia 2017
Zambia, 2018

Download publication (1 MB, PDF-File)

African media barometer

the first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa ; Zambia 2013
Windhoek, 2014

Download publication (1 MB PDF-File)

Kumitz, Daniel

Scoping social protection

platform for social protection Zambia policy brief
Lusaka, 2016

Download publication (1,2 MB PDF-File)

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