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International Conference held in Lusaka, October 22-23, 2012

Conference Summary Report


The Zambian Labour Movement and the ruling Patriotic Front held a two day dialogue aimed at enhancing their relations on 7-8  August 2012 at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka. More than 70 participants drawn from the two Labour Centres and the PF met and discussed issues affecting labour and the way forward. The theme of the two day meeting was “towards new frontiers for the ruling party and the labour movement dialogue supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Communique' of the PF - Labour Movement Dialogue

Labour Legislation and Trade Union Organisation in the 3rd Republic - Fanuel Sumaili

The History of Political Parties - Trade Unions Relations in Zambia 1946-2012 - Friday E.Mulenga

Economic and Social issues vis a vis Employment Situation in Zambia - Isaac Ngoma 


Industrializing the Rural Areas - James Emmanuel Chirwa

Cooperatives and Trade Unions : An international perspective - Pat Horn

Can Cooperatives Promote Women’s Strategic Interests in Africa? - Deborah Kasente

The Role of Cooperatives in social-economic development in Botswana - Mogopodi H. Lekorwe

State of the co-operative movement in Zambia - Peter K. Lolojih

Cooperatives and Market access in Zambia - Emeldah Mbobela Mtonga

Cooperatives in Mozambique - Amâncio Armando Nguluve

Cooperatives:A Global Vision - Jürgen Schwettmann

The Role of Law in co-operative Development - Jan Theron

The social and Solidarity Economy in African Development - Fredrick O. Wanyama

Zambian Elections: AN AREA OF CONTENTION

Paper presented at the seminar on dialogue between political parties and civil society organizations, by McDonald Chipenzi, FODEP Executive Director, with the theme "Building Synergies between Political Parties and CSOs to deepen democratic governance and human development" held in Lusaka from 13-14 April 2012

Publication in english 

The Labour Movement in Zambia

Overview of the Labour Movement in Zambia

Publication in english

The African Media Barometer (AMB) - Zambia 2011

The first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa

Publication in english

2011 Zambia Presidential Elections - Report

A Step towards Democracy

Publication in english

CSPR AG's Dialogue- Report

Workshop Report of Auditor general 's report held on 16May 2009
at Lusaka hotel, Lusaka, Zambia

Publication in english

Mps Dialogue Report

Workshop Report on the 2008 National Budget held on 23 February,2008 in Lusaka, Zambia

Publication in english

Political Party Funding CPD

Paper presented at a CPD Seminar on Political party held on 28-29 April,2010,Lusaka,Zambia

NUCW Kitwe

Seminar Report on the Privatisation of the telecommunication sector held on 30 June,2009 Lusaka, Zambia

Publication in english

NUCW Lusaka Seminar Report

Seminar Report on the Privatisation of the Telecommunication Sector held on 2 July, 2009, Kitwe

Publication in english

Report on the Constitutional Review Process

Report on the ZCTU Constitutional Review Process Seminar HELD ON 28-29 September,2005, Lusaka

Publication in english

Report on pre 2011 Budget ZCTU

Report on Labour movement submission on 2011 National Budget held on 22-23 July,2010,Kitwe,Zambia

Publication in english

China Report

Paper presented at the ICEM Seminar on extractive industries held on 19-20 October,2010,Lusaka,Zambia

Publication in english

ZCTU Post budget workshop 2009 report

workshop report on the 2009 national budget held on 22-23 July,2009,Lusaka,Zambia

Publication in english

Icem Seminar Protea Report

Report on the ICEM Regional Seminar on extractive industries held on 19-20 October,2010,Lusaka,Zambia

ZCTU Collective bargaining under libralised economies

Workshop Report held on 22 June,2009 in Lusaka,Zambia


Workshop report on the ZCTU SNDP Seminar held on 28-29 June,2010,Lusaka,Zambia

Publication in english

ZCTU Seminar Report on FNDP

Workshop report on the ZCTU FNDP held on 21-23 June, 2007,Luanshya,Zambia

Publication in english

ZCTU NCC Seminar Report

Report on the ZCTU NCC ZCTU Seminar to prepare top ZCTU Leadership serving on the NCC held on 5-8 March, 2008,Lusaka,Zambia

ZCTU pre 2008 National Budget

Report on the pre 2008 National Bugdte Seminar held on 23-24 August,2007,Luanshya,Zambia

Publication in english

NUPAAW Cutflower Report

Study on CutFlower Industry,Grayson Koyi 2008,Lusaka

Publication in english

ZCTU Report on Financial crisis

zctu Position Paper on the global financial crisis held on 2 April,2008,Lusaka,Zambia

Publication in english

ZCTU NCC Local Government

Workshop Report on Local Government in the current Constitutional Review Process,held on 18 April,2008

Study Tour Report Telecom Sector Privatisation

Report on the NUCW Study tour in Uganda on the privatisation of Zamtel to Lap green of Libya held on 26-30 June, 2010, Kampala, Uganda



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