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Activities in 2011

1. Parliament and Political Parties

1.1 Parliament

FES collaborates with the administration of the National Assembly of Zambia to strengthen capacity and public relations of Parliament. It also offers fora to the members on national issues, which try to foster the dialogue between Parliament, Government and Civil Society.

Activity and Topic


Place and Time

Workshop with Parliamentarians:2012 Budget 



Production of Radio programmes for parliament radio


April - July

1.2 Political Parties and Young Politicians

FES thinks that Political Parties can effectively fulfill their tasks for democracy only if they are stable, without defections and politicians changing sides. This also means they have to become recognizable and oriented towards policy programs and towards membership and internal democracy. We are working on a training program for party officials to work towards these aims. In collaboration with cross-party youth organisations we offer civic education for young politicians and the outreach of these organisations to rural areas. We also work with Youth organizations in an effort to enhance their participation in issues affecting them through Youth Parliaments. These youth Parliaments bring together youths from different parts of Zambia to discuss issues affecting them.

Activity and Topic


Place and Time

Seminar on the Barotseland agreement


Lusaka, February

Discussion forums on important political questions in Zambia



Seminar on election procedures and suffrage: voter registration and mobilisation


Lusaka, June

National Conference: National Youth Parliament


Chipata, May

Three Seminars for young Politicians “creating space for young people in the political party arena


February - April

Publication: "Youth in development Newsletter of the YCCC"


Lusaka, June-August


1.3 Patriotic Front / Civil Society Dialogue

Activity and Topic


Place and Time

PF/CSO Promoting Democracy and Good Governance in Zambia

PF / Civil Socity

Lusaka, April

2. Civil Society

2.1 Capacity Building for Trade Unions

ZCTU has been a long time partner of FES. Our relationship with the trade unions is based in the roots of our own organisation. We believe that trade unions in Zambia are the only organisations who, with their broad membership, are rooted in the local poor communities, while at the same time they have capacities and influence on the national policy level. They are real civil society in the sense that they translate the needs of the people into policy advocacy.

Activity and Topic


Place and Time

Seminar: Analysis of the National Budget :Post and Pre-Budget workshops


Lusaka 7 February,July

Human Resource training for four union officials



Kabwe June-December

Strategic Planning Seminar


Kitwe, 19-20 October

National Seminar: negotiating skills for Negotiators


Lusaka,5-6 September

National Seminar with Shoprite Shop Stewards Council


Lusaka, April

2.2 Civil Society, Poverty Reduction, Development and Trade

With various organisations of the Civil Society FES has specific programs to address certain governance, development and trade issues. These issues include fight against corruption, gender in development, participation of Civil Society in decision-making in international development co-operation and trade.

Activity and Topic


Place and Time

Seminar on Social Security


Lusaka, August

Seminar on the 2009 Auditor General's report


Lusaka, June

3. Regional and International

3.1 Media

FES supports the freedom of the media as a precondition for an open and democratic society. We do that in a regional framework with the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and its chapters as partners. A focus in the Southern African Region is the independence of broadcasting and the various regulatory systems which are supposed to grant this. In Zambia the introduction of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and the transformation of ZNBC from a government mouthpiece to a public broadcaster, and Media Law Reforms are the developments we support.


Activity and Topic


Place and Time

Africa Media Barometer 2011


22-24 July, Chisamba

3.2 Regional Integration and Collaboration

Regional Integration and Collaboration in the political, economic and social field are also very important for the national development of Zambia.FES Lusaka is part of the network of our projects on Regional Integration and collaboration in Africa.

Activity and Topic


Place and Time

Regional Trade Union Seminar


Lusaka, November

3.3 Globalization

Globalization is not only a political, economic and social phenomena which affects all countries in the world and has caused many distortions but has also initiated a paradigmatic shift and a more intensified collaboration between political and social actors worldwide to find solutions to similar problems. FES Lusaka also takes part in the worldwide globalization programmes of the FES and shows that Zambia is part of this process.